Tired of doing the 'awkward leg scoop' to pick up tennis balls? Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments with our "No-Leg-Loss" tennis ball retriever! It's like having an extra arm that snags balls effortlessly, leaving your legs free to focus on stylish victory dances!"


Scoop, Serve, Score!

Attention, tennis lovers! We've got the ultimate game-changing accessory: TouchTrap tennis ball picker-upper! It's time to say farewell to those leg-lifting exercises and embrace a more sophisticated approach to ball collection. Your opponents won't know what hit them—literally!"

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Easy to Install and Remove

Super easy to install and remove, Touch Trap ensures that tennis ball pickup won’t spoil your love of the game. Not only is it fun to use for everyone of every age, but this tennis ball collector also helps keep your back in tip-top shape.


It's Like a Tennis Ball Magnet

Our 'Legless WonderGrabber' is here to make you the star of the court, minus the legwork. It's time to trade in those wobbly leg pickups for a hands-only extravaganza. Prepare to be the center of attention as you effortlessly gather those balls and wow the crowd!"

Works with Padel Tennis Rackets

TouchTrap works on regular and padel tennis rackets. The second part (crown) is made to easily be removed so you can put it in your tennis bag.

Save Your Back from Future Injuries

Say goodbye to backaches and bending over during practice sessions. Discover the innovation of TouchTrap, the innovative tennis ball picker upper that effortlessly attaches to your racket, making tennis ball retrieval a breeze.

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  • 1

    Attach TouchTrap on the butt of your tennis racket.

  • 2

    Take your racket from the opposite side and push on the ball.

  • 3

    Take out the ball from your TouchTrap and enjoy the game.


Does TouchTrap fit all tennis rackets?

Yes, TouchTrap fits all the tennis rackets including Paddle tennis rackets.

How to properly install TouchTrap on your Tennis Racket?

Simply slide the rubber base on the butt of the racquet first and then install the upper tennis ball catcher while clipping it to the base with the side clippers. Please make sure that the clippers parallel with the body of your racket.

Please watch the video how to properly install TouchTrap on your tennis racket:

Will TouchTrap damage my racquet?

Absolutely not! TouchTrap is 100% removable and requires no screws and no double sided tape. It's a two piece product that goes on your racquet to make your life easier.

Will TouchTrap change the weight of my racket?

TouchTrap is ultra light and weights only 63 grams, it’s made in a way where it will barely affect the weight of your racket to insure your game stays the same.

How long should my TouchTrap last?

The TouchTrap teeth are made to list for thousands of pick ups.

Will the TouchTrap ruin my tennis balls?

Depending on the tennis balls, TouchTrap may cause some damage to the fuzz if the tennis balls are brand new and are very fuzzy, it might be harder to remove the tennis balls in the beginning. We recommend applying less pressure on the new tennis balls to avoid damage to the tennis balls.

Will TouchTrap fit in my tennis bag?

Yes! And that's the main reason we've made it a two piece product so that you can easily remove the upper part and place it in your tennis bag.

Does TouchTrap work with padel tennis rackets?

Yes, TouchTrap works with Paddle Tennis Rackets as well. As long as you use a fluffy ball.