How to properly install TouchTrap on your Tennis Racket? Simply slide the rubber base on the butt of the racquet first and then install the upper tennis ball catcher while clipping it to the base with the side clippers. Please make sure that the clippers parallel with the body of your racket. Please watch the video how to properly install TouchTrap on your tennis racket: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDVYzvQdKiE Does TouchTrap fit all tennis rackets? Yes, TouchTrap fits almost all the tennis rackets. Will TouchTrap damage my racquet? Absolutely not! TouchTrap is 100% removable and requires no screws and no double sided tape. It's a two piece product that goes on your racquet to make your life easier. Will TouchTrap fit in my tennis bag? Yes! And that's the main reason we've made it a two piece product so that you can easily remove the upper part and place it in your tennis bag. Will TouchTrap change the weight of my racket? TouchTrap is ultra light and weights only 63 grams, it’s made in a way where it will barely affect the weight of your racket to insure your game stays the same. My TouchTrap gets slippery, what do I do? If your TouchTrap gets slippery, you can remove your grip, install the TouchTrap and put a new grip on top of the TouchTrap product to avoid any slipperiness or discomfort. How long should my TouchTrap last? The TouchTrap teeth are made to list for thousands of pick ups. Will the TouchTrap ruin my tennis balls? Depending on the tennis balls, TouchTrap may cause some damage to the fuzz if the tennis balls are brand new and are very fuzzy, it might be harder to remove the tennis balls in the beginning. We recommend applying less pressure on the new tennis balls to avoid damage to the tennis balls. Will the TouchTrap fit my Paddle Tennis Racket? Yes, TouchTrap also fits the paddle tennis rackets.